The Mystic

Amit, an Engineer by formal qualification, can be better described as a spiritual teacher, Consultant or a Life Coach. Enlightened and graced at a very young age by Lord Shiva, he has been a consultant to many significant personalities for the past 20 years. He has been instrumental in transforming lives of many souls to a level only they can better explain. Some of the people who have consulted him include famous names from the world of politics, cinema, sports and business.

Amit can be introduced as a modern mystic. His unique ways of transforming people have had a notable influence on many. His messages are neither a doctrine nor a philosophy but are certain alchemy, a science of transformation. He shares his energy with tremendous truth, love and compassion. By guiding people on spirituality, health, relationships and in professional life, he harnesses a certain level of awareness in their daily lives which helps them to evolve as a unique individual. He is passionate about raising human consciousness, making people realize their true potential and eventually their purpose.

Amit believes that “Every soul is a seed, if nurtured by the free will and perfect understanding of the environment, its potential can be optimally realized.”